How to Change / Update / Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online / Offline


How to Change / Update / Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card Online / Offline: According to recent news, an official notification has been passed where everyone has to add or update their mobile number to their respective Aadhaar card. To back up this official notification and to also follow up that no one forgets about the same, even the mobile network carriers, like Airtel, Vodafone and many more, are insisting on you doing the same, through company generated messages, post-paid connection bills and many more.  Thus, if you are looking forward to adding a mobile number in Aadhar card Online / Offline, there are some of the steps that you need to follow.

How to Change / Update / Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online / Offline


Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card
Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

Adding or Updating Mobile Number to Your Aadhar Card: But, first things first, this process to Add Mobile number in Aadhar card can be carried out only through two different ways. The first method to add or update your mobile number to your respected Aaadhaar card is by online. The second way is the offline Method to add or update your mobile number to your respected Aadhaar card. Thus, we are going to discuss both the ways on how to Update or Add mobile number in Aadhar card and also some extended information regarding the same.

The Online Method of Adding Mobile Number to Respective Aadhaar Card

If you are looking forward to adding a mobile number in Aadhar card, then you can do the same, only with the use of these below mentioned easy and understandable steps.

  • Go ahead to visit the official website, as per mentioned by UIDAI, which is,
  • Now, give a small click on the part which reads “Options.”
  • Now, a workflow page will be opening, which will show “Update Aadhaar Details ”
  • Post reaching this workflow page, we will now be entering into the “Aadhaar, Self-service Related Update ”
  • Now, you will automatically be redirected to another page, where you will be asked to enter the “One Time Password” or OTP, which will act as a validation check for the user.
  • This OTP you need to input in your system, which will help in some kind of a security check.

The Offline Method of Adding Respective Mobile Number to Aadhaar Card

In many cases, people are not really interested in opting for the online method, but they accept the offline method more. But, there are no worries as here you can use the offline method also to take care of your needs and series. Below given are some of the simple steps which will help you in the near future.

  • Collect the Application Enrolment Form either from government themselves. In this form, the fields have to be filled by you, and no one should miss on these columns. These columns namely are Name of the resident, date of birth, mobile number, gender, address and many more.

Thus, if you see properly, the offline method is really easy as it sets in just a few steps. There is not much of hassle for you, and you might want to go through this. This is nothing bad, but, the part where offline somehow lags behind online is the filling up of the enrolment form.

Both the ways are simple and very efficient in terms to Add Mobile number in Aadhar card Offline, but it depends on people to people on what they want to choose.

Adding or Updating Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card made Mandatory

Many people didn’t add mobile number in Aadhaar card thinking of the fact that it is not mandatory, even after all the different mobile carriers repeatedly announced that it was mandatory. Now, the government has taken some serious steps on this issue and has made it mandatory to add amobile number to aadhaar card. Details of the same official notification were further released by the Department of Telecom (DoT) through a circular. As said officially by the government, which is being spread by the Department of Telecom (DoT), the last date before which everyone should add or update their Aadhaar card with their respective mobile number is on 6th of February, 2018.

The main reason behind taking up this initiative is to have the mobile number of everyone registered. Be it an old number or a new number; every mobile number should come into connection with Aadhaar card, though the online or the offline process of add mobile number in Aadhar card.

As per the circular, it stated that “An effective process has been evolved to ensure identity verification, as well as the addresses of all mobile phone subscribers for new subscribers. In the near future, and more particularly within one year from today, a similar verification will be completed, in case of existing subscribers”.

On the 13th of February, 2017, there was a meeting which was held which included the presence of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and also the PMO. This meeting was totally based on the discussion on whether or whether not to add a mobile number in Aadhar card.

For the verification part as concerned, the telecoms companies do play a huge role in the gist of add mobile number in Aadhar card. When the verification procedure is going on to add a mobile number in Aadhaar card, all the customers of their respected telecom companies will be asked to wait for the new status. Do note that the new SIM card has to be put on the mobile phone when you are following the verification process of how to add a mobile number to Aadhar card.

The Purpose of Connecting Aadhaar Card and Mobile Number

It has been seen and reported that there are numerous numbers of mobile numbers registered under a single user but different telecom providers. Also, in between, there were many people who used to get SIM cards without any kind of documents. There was another case reported, that certain SIM cards which are being used, is not actually used by the owner. For example, if B buys a SIM card through the details of A, then A becomes the original owner as per the telecom provider details, but B is using it. Now, the function to add a mobile number in Aadhar card has come to give a full stop to all these fraud cases. Now, when anyone takes a new SIM card, the most important thing which is important is Aaadhaar card verification. Also, for old SIM card users, the need to add a mobile number in Aadhaar card has been made mandatory.

Thus, the main storyline lays anyone who is having a mobile phone and a mobile number corresponding to it, has to register his or her mobile number with his or her Aadhaar card. Thus, the concept of add mobile number in Aadhar card, is seriously looking to make a big impact.

Benefits of Updating Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

If you would want to add a mobile number in Aadhaar card, obviously you would want to know why you should do this. Thus, a list of benefits is what will be mentioned now, through which you can decide how good it is to add a mobile number to Aadhaar card.

  • The presence of the biometric feature, recon ciliates between the fingerprints in my aadhaar card and also the fingerprint on the biometric machine. This prevents any individual or group from any other individual to unknowingly barge into the property.
  • Since we do add mobile number in Aadhar card Online / Offline, this prevents any user from buying a SIM card whatever he wants. Some good habits must be developed. This not only helps you but also helps the people from barring them in activity which is not required.

Speaking of it again, if you haven’t given your mobile number in link with the Aadhaar card to add a mobile number in Aadhaar card, please do so by the 6th of February, 2018, as any user around the country.

If we have a close look at the utility of all the different identity proofs for Indian Citizens, Aadhaar card was the one which came in last, but now it is becoming the most important. This is because the structure on which Aadhaar card is made, a major portion of fraud cases can be eliminated. Greater the QR Code which is present in Aaadhaar card, the main thing about an Aadhaar card is its unique number. So, when we are talking about to add a mobile number in Aadhaar card, our unique mobile numbers get into connection with the unique number of our corresponding Aadhaar card. Therefore, if there were any kind of fraud cases which are taking places, not all, but a maximum number of people will appreciate the fact that Aadhaar card will now be able to control some of them if not all of them.

Aadhaar card for sure is a very important identity card. There are a number of aspects with which the Aadhaar card is linked, as the bank account, mobile number, etc. this basically shows that we can control the level of frauds by the use of Aaadhaar card, which is very nicely explained in the functional structure of Aadhaar card. Thus, it is highly recommended to all people to get their mobile number registered, if not done yet and to do it by the 6th of February 2018, to avoid any kind of future problems with your telecom provider.